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Vannamei is The Best Salt Water Prawn

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One of the intensive cultures of freshwater prawn species in the salt water is Penaeus Vannamei. It is available in many countries all the departments and majority of the farmers have to pay attention in view of the Vannamei culture because it is a risk that is it causes disease. The trend of the development should be followed correctly where you have to control the scale of breeding area of 8000 mu, total area of 4 million acres.

In the risk view of penaeus Vannamei culture, majority lies in both farmers and departments must give more attention. Do not follow blindly the trends of development, mainly, which controls the scale of breeding. Most probably, pure water needs salt farming an area. Farming is not too cheap, which can lead the greatest risk for disease, even for the salinization of land should strictly prohibited, due to less water, the development of aqua culture species can ...

How to Catch Seawater Fish?

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Fishing in the sea is a good sport, and it can provide tasty food on the dinner table. There are people who take long vacations to enjoy fishing. Those who have actually fished in the sea can only understand the thrill the effort gives. Nothing can match the thrill of the moment when fish teases the bait at the end of the line attached to the rod and the moment the fish bites the bait. It takes long experience to master the knack of getting a fish to bite the bait. Seawater Fish are strong and it sometimes can take hours to pull in the catch. After the catch was brought in it needs to be cleaned and if one wishes to make Fish Fillet it takes another kind of skill. 

  To catch a Seawater Fish one needs a good quality strong rod about 8.5ft to 9ft long. Reels that have protection from salt water are preferable. Those made from stainless steel, titanium or fiber or ...

Pangasius, A Mouth Watering White Fish

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Though Pollock is the most widely consumed seafood species, nobody has ever heard of by this name! This particular variety of whitefish which is extremely popular comes from the Alaskan waters. Its quality and quantity make it economical in a large variety of recipes. This fish is found anywhere from the plates at five-star restaurants to fast food fryers. Another most desired and mouth watering is the Pangasius, which resembles a catfish and farmed mostly in Vietnam.

The Pollock after being harvested from the Alaskan waters would be frozen only once to lock in its unmatched flavor, soft white meat texture and the freshness. The flesh of this fish is used in various ways to create delicious recipes. Though this marine species is available from waters all over the North Pacific Ocean, those from the Bering Sea of Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska is the most in demand. Pangasius ...

Benefits of Frozen fish

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Many of the people like to have fish because it is good for health. The worldwide research has discovered that eating fish regularly once or twice in a week will reduce the risk of diseases from childhood, which range from asthma to prostate cancer. It is also very good for eyes and brain. One of the best and most popular effective ways of storing food is freezing. Generally, many food items are frozen, but it might spoil the quality. However, almost all the varieties of fish are frozen without having any change or effect on the quality. There are many benefits when you store a fish. When the food has been frozen it will not help the bacteria to multiply, where it makes the best method of preserving food the safest. During the freezing process, it will prevent the multiple of pathogens where these pathogens can cause food poisoning. The foods which are frozen quickly will turn the water ...

Benefits of Frozen Seafood

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India's population is hugely comprised of more than 1/3 of population which still facing the economic problem. Significantly, in coastal area's agriculture and fishing is a main source. Basically, in India fishing has the good marketing in the world. The production of a fishery is around 125 million tons. Major countries in the trade of Fish suppliers are China, Indonesia, India, Japan, U.S., and Russia. Among these India holds the third position in world production. In fact, total production of India’s fish is 5.65 million tons. This secures the best place in the entire international market to encourage its trade in Fish supplying. To overcome economic problem, India's government has to bring reform trade in Fish suppliers. Whereas, India is ranking next to Japan compared to inland fish. The point comes here to determine the best reaction of high quality and good value, giving us ...
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