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Maritime Piracy- Things to Know

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Maritime piracy, one of the most notorious crimes of the recent times. Sea pirates active in some areas around the world have already hijacked hundreds of vessels and cargos bringing deep concerns for the authorities to take concrete steps to combat such untoward incidents. There are many places around the world where maritime piracy is quite rampant. But no place exceeds the amount of crime that is executed on the Gulf of Aden and along the shores of Somalia. The Somali pirates are ruthless and brutal. They are the ones who are in news on a regular basis for hijacking cargos, containers and vessels that sail through the stretch of Gulf of Aden. The Somali pirates are armed men who kidnap the crew for huge ransoms or even kill them.
Due to these rampant and ruthless operations conducted by the Somali rebels every now and them, the vessels and ...

How to Combat Maritime Piracy?

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Maritime security is a big thing for the ships that works as commercial cargo across the globe. Maritime security companies came into being quite some time ago. But it became really necessary for the cargos and other commercial ships to avail the useful security services because of the massive piracy along some coasts around the world.
The most infamous maritime piracy is executed on the Gulf of Aden and along the coastline of Somalia. The Somali rebels execute continuous attacks on the cargos that pass through the Gulf of Aden. There have been many reported cases of ship hijacks, kidnappings and killing of the crew in the recent times.
Piracy along the shores of Somalia and Gulf of Aden has posed as a potential hazard for the ships and cargos. The rate of crime in this area alone is so frequent that the cargos or commercial vessels that pass ...

Know About Maritime Piracy and Security Measures

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According to the news of the Piracy Reporting center of the International Maritime Bureau, maritime piracy has been a growing concern in many countries and is quite strongly in the news, especially in the recent years.
Till the end of the year 2008, pirates have been operating their business from the Somalian coasts and the major incident that happened during that time was when the Somali rebels hijacked a Russian ship filled with tanks and super tanker carrying oil as well.
But the above incident did not draw as much international attention as it was needed. Later in the year 2009 more than twelve countries around the world deployed navies on the Gulf of Aden in order to fight the issue of maritime piracy. The United Nations passed four important resolutions on the anti piracy issue during this time.
In 2009, the United States navy ...

Marine software for Easy Sailing

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Managing a ship is no mean task; there are a lot of preparations and one has to attend to a dozen things everyday. An organized approach can really help simplify even the most complicated matters on a ship on a regular basis. Maritime software can help you in this regard. Use of the maritime software these days is quite common in a ship. Such software can help organize maritime activities in a more efficient manner so that precious effort, time and money are never wasted.
Maritime environment is different from that of land, therefore land based software solutions do not always work in maritime conditions. Maritime software must be inexpensive and simple to use to be a worthy investment and they usually are. Maritime software should be able to deal with several significant aspects like stretched operational plans, quick vessel turnarounds and provide ...
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