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AAA AUGER San Antonio Plumbing Explores Smart Toilets

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There has been some remarkable advances in toilet technology throughout the world and we would like to take a look at the progression from a San Antonio plumbing point of view.

Japan is known for their technological advances and in recent years they have begun to instill that technology into toilet design. From gold plated commodes, odor killing ion sprays, remote controlled toilets and automatic cleaning functions, Japan has been a leader in toilet technology for years.

One of the most popular latrine advances in Japan is the interactive toilet. The video game maker Sega introduced the Toylets game for public urinals. This game is a first person shooter style designed to give the gamer an enhanced restroom experience. Sega is currently testing four games in Tokyo metro stations. We wonder if this technology will reach San Antonio plumbing's public restrooms!

Japan has also ...

How to drive More traffic to your site

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You may have designed one of the best websites in the world replete with amazing graphics which you hope will help to attract visitors in droves. However, you must also realize that the internet is a very crowded place. Presently there are approximately 250 million websites that are all fighting for attention and so your website is just like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

If you are doing business on the internet and hope to earn profits from your efforts then it is imperative that your website attracts as much traffic as possible. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do with the help of a credible SEO Services India to ensure this happens.

Many people wrongly assume that just as long as their websites are up and running then Google and other search engines will have no trouble finding them. That is true; only that your website could be on page 200 of the search results ...

Conversion rate optimization helping your business to make more profits

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The fact that more and more businesses are going online can no longer be denied. Online trading is definitely attracting an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs. It is consequently obvious that competition for customers on the internet is also heating up and as such entrepreneurs must devise ingenious ways to not only drive traffic to their websites but also to have the visitors sign up for whatever is on sale and come back again and again.

Attracting visitors to your website is the easier part; you only make money if you convert these visitors into clients. Conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors who sign up within a certain time period. Remember, the higher your conversion rate, the greater your income from the site.

You can now obtain Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services from an SEO company India for a fee. How does CRO work? Typically, a visitor,s ...

When to Use a Float Switch and Point Level Sensor

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Float switch, and other point level sensors, are great alternatives to the more expensive continuous level sensors (ultrasonic, radar, level probes, etc.). Functionally, of course, they are not as capable. However, they work great under the right circumstances and continue to be a staple in level measurement applications throughout the world.

When To Use The right time to use a float switch is tied to the application goals. What does the sensor need to do? If the answer to that question is only to perform a repeatable action at a specific and consistent level, then a float switch just may be a good sensor.

For example, a custom float switch sensor would work if you're using a rudimentary level indication such as turning on and off lights when a certain level is met. .

A more common application is lift station pump control. A lift station pumps water or wastewater out of a wet well to ...

Updated water level sensors dam surging EPA fines

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Sewage system overflows present a messy situation for everyone involved. There's E.coli levels to monitor, equipment to repair, and finally, heavy EPA fines to pay. A municipality may be charged $27,000 for every day untreated wastewater seeps into public waters.

Events, like the fire that shut down the North Harlem Wastewater Treatment Plant and caused millions of gallons of raw sewage to flow into the Hudson and Harlem Rivers, can't be prevented. However, having the right rig of pumps and sensors coupled with diligent maintenance can prevent mechanical failures, polluted waters, and penalties.

Accidents, increased water flow into sewer lines, and equipment breakdowns can cause sewage system overflows, or SSO's. When water is flushed down toilets or spilled down drains of residential and business properties, the liquid travels downhill through underground pipes to a treatment plant ...
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