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Making money from soccer – An option for non players and non team owners

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Soccer, also called football in some countries, is the most popular of all team sports in the world. This is well attested to by the fanatical following that soccer has attracted in many countries. Soccer is undeniably a cash-laden sport; players earn colossal salaries while their teams make fortunes from ticket sales and television rights.
Is it possible for anyone who is not a soccer player, a coach or a team owner to tap into this gravy train? Well, such an avenue exists and it is called franchising. Franchising is a potentially lucrative method through which anyone can make money from soccer without getting directly involved in the sport. The first thing one has to do though is to get a franchise business opportunity that is related to soccer.
Such a franchise business opportunity can be obtained in a couple of ways. An entrepreneur can get into a business arrangement with ...

How soccer can help children to grow and develop better

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No single sport is as globally prolific as soccer; soccer is the most widely played sport around the world. It is played in the high stakes professional leagues as well as in the local community playgrounds. Soccer is the favorite sport for most children, a fact that has encouraged a rise in the numbers of child soccer classes in many countries. Proprietors and organizers of these child soccer classes are obviously making profits from childrens soccer but are there any benefits that the children involved gain from these soccer programs?
The answer to the above question is an emphatic yes. Soccer offers numerous benefits to youthful players across all ages and which have been well documented. To begin with, soccer is a very ideal sport for young children who are yet to develop complex cognitive skills. This is because the rules of soccer are quite rudimentary compared to say baseball or ...
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