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Text marketing- where the bloody hell are ya?

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An AUS$180 million advertising campaign launched in 2006 by Tourism Australia featured a bikini-clad Australian woman asking television viewers from around the world... ‘where the bloody hell are ya?’
The infamous advertisement was aimed at generating an interest in Australia’s wildlife, and presumably its women.
The advertisement also featured a website address and a local toll-free number to dial for more information.
Having taken the time to watch the Australian bombshell in the advertisement, viewers were then encouraged to respond to the ad.
However, this would involve people on the move- on buses, trains, in cars, walking dogs- to remember the website address and visit the site later for more information.
Research suggests that this doesn’t happen very often, if at all. It turns out that knowing where the bloody hell ...

Are iPhone apps as effective as traditional text marketing?

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With Smartphone’s storming on to the mobile world stage, consumers and businesses alike are wondering whether mobile devices such as iPhones are producing applications that are as effective as traditional text marketing. Targeting key demographics, offering a unique experience and effective pricing are all important factors in this question, so how well do iPhone applications weigh up?
Of course iPhone’s possess some distinct and highly attractive features, a slick user interface design allowing for ease-of-use, iPhone features allow applications to have a very unique user experience and Apple has even deployed a built in distribution channel for iPhone applications. On top of this, the hype and excitement that has always been inherent with iPhones mean that it is the perfect device to utilise Social Media Marketing. Social networking sites such as Twitter and ...

Mobile Marketing and the Political Campaign

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Electoral politics has long been one of the most widely covered events in the United States. The presidential election of 2008 is a prime example where the race for the White House captured the imagination of not just America but also the world. More than just bringing a new President to office however, 2008 represented a significant shift in the way mobile technology is used in an election campaign.
Going back to 2004, former Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. While other candidates held rallies and other fundraising events to secure donations and volunteers, the Dean campaign saw the Internet as a largely untapped means of raising funds and engaging supporters. Making use of this source allowed the Dean campaign to build a big financial lead over the other campaigns in the early stages of the election. Although Dean was ...

What are some of the most common SMS marketing mistakes?

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Mobile marketing is really taking off now and using it is paying off for many brands, businesses and corporations. Even for the smallest business on a limited marketing budget, there lies the potential for amazing results. For some, mobile marketing is the preferred choice and they need to know some of the most common SMS marketing mistakes and what to avoid.
With every initiative there are always pitfalls that need to be avoided and it pays to do your research at all times. I recommend that before you embark on your mobile marketing plan, read Mobile Marketing Association’s Consumer Best Practices document. It is a great starting point with lots of ‘do’s and don’ts in SMS Marketing. Additionally, it is worth researching other companies and businesses to see what has and has not worked for them, so as not to re-invent the proverbial wheel. SMS ...

Mobile Marketing triples interaction with your advertisements

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Mobile Marketing may just be the best kept secret in the world of advertising. Perhaps the best form of supplementary advertising; mobile marketing provides a measurable form of engagement with consumers, one that heavily increases interaction with your advertisements by providing alternate calls to action.
Spicers, a New Zealand financial planning and investment firm incorporated an SMS marketing segment into their latest radio campaign. The campaign offered three different ways in which consumers could interact with the advertisement: text, internet and a free phone number. The results were simply staggering, with SMS the preferred method of interaction by 75% of respondents. Statistically, the mobile marketing component of this campaign tripled the number of responses compared with those received via the telephone and internet.
But far from a one off, Black and White, a ...

Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

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With the emergence of SMS marketing as the mobile marketing method of choice for business, many companies have rushed into employing mobile marketing systems. Whilst it’s important to be utilizing mobile marketing in your advertising, the haste with which such systems have been employed has led to multiple companies making basic errors in their strategies. This series of articles will help those new to mobile marketing with identifying and addressing such issues.
Avoid using SMS as a one off feature – One of the key points regarding mobile marketing that too many companies are missing, is that SMS is a relationship building tool. Integrate mobile with a series of campaigns and watch how the effectiveness gradually increases from campaign to campaign.
Remember as well, when considering multiple uses of SMS marketing, is that one of the key features of mobile ...

Is Mobile effective in in-game advertising?

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As the world of mobile makes constant developments in to what it can offer, developers are looking to expand the features of mobile individually as well as integrating features to create all new approaches to mobile advertising. Gaming has become one of the most popular uses for mobile; with this in mind, it makes sense that the two have been merged to create revolutionary strategies for mobile marketing.
The merging has been dubbed “AdverGaming”, and although fairly new, AdverGaming has already made some high scores amongst the world’s major brands in some of the world’s biggest countries. Coca-Cola for instance has released a rock-climbing game in India called “Thumbs Up Everest”. Users of the game have the chance to win weekly prizes from the game, as well as prizes being rewarded to the top leaders on the games high-score board. ...

Is any form of advertising as personal as mobile?

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Mobile advertising is the ability for businesses and individuals to advertise their product, campaign or service over mobile phone devices. This is done as a text message or applications (apps) - apps which are either pre-installed or downloaded by users. Receiving this kind of advertising on your mobile or mobile marketing as it is more commonly known is a fast-growing phenomenon in the world of advertising. Consider other types of traditonal advertising and contrast this with mobile marketing. Is any other form of advertising this personal?
In today's fast-paced world, people of all ages across all income brackets own a mobile phone or mobile device of some sort and generally carry the device around for most of the day, using it frequently both day and night. What could be more personal than to contact the user via his or her own mobile device?
Compare it to perhaps ...

Mobile Marketing and the Political Campaign

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Elections in the United States are given more coverage than just about any other event on the planet. As they are unique in terms of their scope and often complexity, the ability to innovate has long been a requisite for successful election campaigns. As the last few cycles have shown, the way candidates have embraced new media, particularly mobile marketing, has been a huge factor in their chances of success.
Going back to 2004, the presidential campaign of Howard Dean made the first electoral use of the Internet as a mass fundraising and recruiting tool. Where other campaigns engaged in the traditional strategy of acquiring funds and recruiting volunteers at rallies and other organised events, Dean’s use of the Internet helped him to build a campaign fund far in excess of his early rivals. While Dean was ultimately unsuccessful in his bid for the Presidency, helped in ...

eBay and Mobile Marketing

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Mobile technology has certainly changed the nature of trade and commerce in modern times. In particular, though it has led to a dramatic shift in the conduct of online retail. Where just a few years ago, we would be confined to desktops in pursuing our internet shopping needs, these days, consumers can bid and list auctions with just a few clicks on smartphones such as the Blackberry and iPhone.
Not one to be left behind, eBay has played a central role in the development of mobile shopping. In 2009, its worldwide mobile sales amounted to nearly $600 million US dollars. In 2010, this figure was closer to $2 billion. With rapid growth in a number of key markets leading the way, particularly in the United Kingdom, eBay is working hard at securing its position at the forefront of mobile retail.
eBay’s mobile retail experience is primarily offered through applications. ...
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