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Golf Performance Supplement Provides Refreshment for your Mind

Golf performance, among other things, depends on the smoothness of your swing. Smoothness is not about raw power – rather, it’s about balance. The torque that is generated via the swing is gathered from all parts of the body and channeled via the joints into the shoulders and arms. If your body is imbalanced and you can’t swing freely, then it doesn’t matter how much torque you generate. You’re going to lose yards; come what may.

GolferAID contains 35 times more supplements than other golf drinks. It was designed by passionate golfers and people who aren’t satisfied with just the front nine. GolferAID is designed to deal with the fatigue, backache, swollen, tender muscles, and aching joints that affect golf performance toward the back nine.

Sport drinks generally contain a lot of sugar. The logic behind this is that sugar overloads the body with energy extremely fast. If you are a serious golfer, you know that the feeling of strength is pretty useless if your hands are trembling from a sugar rush. GolferAID contains blue agave, as well as ingredients like CoQ10 and gotu kola, which enhance blood flow to the brain. This then boosts your golf mental fitness. 5HTP, another ingredient helpful for golf mental power, is a natural precursor to serotonin, which gives your mind a feeling of calmness and contentment. This is essential for the proper golf mental attitude.

Each can of GolferAID contains 2691 mg of active ingredients, meaning the body can absorb them right away. Elements such as Siberian ginseng, glucosamine, turmeric, and MSM enhance natural endurance and flexibility. These ingredients give the body what it needs to replenish and regenerate itself. In particular, glucosamine is known for its beneficial effects on cartilage and bones, which are the major components of joints. Turmeric and MSM both act to reduce swelling and muscular fatigue, which is intensely beneficial to golf performance.

These ingredients set GolferAID apart from the rest making it an effective strategy to improve your golf game.  Consider trying this refreshing form of golf nutrition to see how it positively impacts your game.  It’s available for purchase inside many leading greens and health clubs.  Additionally, it can be purchased online at with a selection of membership packages.  Each features a selection of the premier golf drink at a specially discounted price for maximum savings.  Now you can enjoy home delivery of this unique and powerful golf drink.



GolferAID is a golf drink with all the essential ingredients to improve golf mental and physical abilities. Visit to learn more about this exciting and powerful solution for improving golf performance through golf nutrition.


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